Facilities & Infrastructure

Computer Lab

Computer Lab Well-designed and separate computer labs for kids and older children, run by a well-educated and qualified faculty, with one-on- one access, which means there is one computer for each child. Pre - primary kids learn words through PowerPoint presentations and innovative software.

We have invested in new ERP software which would further raise teaching-learning- working at The Scholars Valley to contemporary technological standards.

There are 25 computers in our labs currently. They are state-of- the-art with multimedia, most of them with 15" LCD monitors that are easier on eyes, generate less heat and consume less power thereby keeping the classroom atmosphere comfortable for children. We use our own LAN with Windows XP for teaching-learning, documentation and presentations.

Language Lab

Language Lab The school has introduced the Langauge Lab and is the first school in Dhampur to own such a Laboratory. English Language Lab is equipped with linga phones, CDs where students get a chance to hear correct pronunciation and enhance their vocabulary from listening and watching.

Resource Center (Library)

A good modern library at The Scholars Valley subscribes to the leading English & Hindi daily newspapers and periodicals. It has both printed as well as audio-visual material like CD-ROM and DVDS. There are plenty of books, encyclopedias, picture books, activity books, dictionaries. The library has books on literature in Hindi, and English. We have around 2,500 books in our library for varied age groups.

  • There is seating capacity of 100 children in the library.
  • Students from 1st to 10th standard visit the library. They refer books and participate in library activities.
  • The interior of the library have been designed with a view of making it modern and student friendly. The library follows an open access system.
  • The school has subscribed to lot many Magazines & Periodicals currently.
    • Manorama Tell Me Why
    • Weekly Kids Magazine "Magic Pot".
    • Weekly Kids Newspaper "Robinage".
    • Monthly Kids Magazine "iNTELLY JELLY".
    • Monthly Kids Magazine "National Geographic KIDS".
    • Monthly Sports Illustrated
    • Discover India Science Reporter Children’s world
    • Champak etc are the few to name.

Math Lab

Math Lab The school has Math lab for junior and senior section. It is a place where students can learn and explore various mathematics concepts and verify various mathematical facts and theorems using variety of activities and it is well equipped with necessary kits and tools. It provides an opportunity to the students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations.

Music, Dance & Theatre

Music Room Acoustically treated Music Room and Dance Room for training students in Vocal / Instrumental Music, Indian Classical / Folk / Western Dance and theatre are also included. The room is equipped with musical instruments and resources that facilitate a conducive environment to learn music.

Science Lab

The School has well equipped Composite Science Laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use this laboratory to learn through experiments. The lab gives ample opportunity to the learners to use the lab to the optimum, to actually learn by doing. Various educational kits, puzzles of human organs etc enrich this lab. The young and inquisitive minds become the stakeholders of their studies and set to explore more and more here.

Science Lab
Science Lab

Art Room

The Splashes of Color Reverberate with the Diversity & Vividity of Human Emotion in the Art Room at the Junior Level. Individual styles and techniques get honed and displayed at the Middle and Senior School Level.

Smart Board Classroom

Interactive white boards are used for classroom teaching and involve students to learn with technology. Notes, flowcharts, drawings and PPTs used in the course of teaching are saved to be accessed as and when required. Students are actively involved in their learning through presentations made by them using the whiteboards.

Audio Visual Room

Playgroup - UKG - KG Classrooms

The use of audio visual aids is well integrated with the school curriculum and used by the staff and students alike. The Audio-Visual Room with its Projector and Computer System is equipped both for teaching and presentations by students. A large collection of educational CDs and DVDs are used regularly as teaching aids for enhancement of the students’ learning.

Teachers Resource Centre

An IT enabled Resource Centre provides support to keep pace with the dynamic nature of learning and pedagogy in education. The In house programs are organized regularly and Learning Communities provide classroom teachers with real opportunities for continuous Professional Development, Research and Growth.

Medical Room

Where would children rest when they suddenly fall sick? It’s the sick room. We have a medical room in School with an attendant to provide necessary first aid to the students in time of emergency. An annual health check up including dental and eye check-up by specialists is a regular feature along with maintaining medical record of each and every child.
Please Note:

  • Students will be provided first aid only in the school premises in case of medical problem.
  • In case of chronic diseases, school will only inform the parents telephonically. Parents will be expected to reach school at the earliest.
  • Expenses on first aid will be borne by the school. All other expenses in case of hospitalization/ visit to private clinic/ medicine will be borne by the parents.

Transport Facility

The transportation of students is quick and convenient due to buses / vans with a well planned routing. The plans to go for GPS based School Bus tracing and control system for safety of its students and information to parents.

Scholars Sports Club

Healthy Development of Children through Sport

Sport & Physical Education is fundamental to the early development of children and youth and the skills learned during play, physical education and sport contribute to the holistic development of young people. Through participation in sport and physical education, children learn about the importance of key values such as:

  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Fair Play
  • Adherence to Rules

Sports play an important role in shaping up the personality and fitness of a person. To give a truly global experience to all the students studying at The Scholars Valley, it is important that there is a wide variety of sports facilities to keep students engaged and physically fit. The school seeks to expand in the coming years and provide support to every individual to pursue the sport of his / her choice. Also, the school take intiativies to conduct Intra & Inter School Tournament in the future. School has following fields, courts and other sports facilities: -

  • Cricket Field
  • Football Field
  • Volleyball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming / Splash Pool
  • Table Tennis
  • Kho-Kho & Kabbadi
  • Long Jump
  • Carom & Chess
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Karate
Facilities for Skating and Basketball Court is planned for next year.